Once upon a time, there was

a little girl with a dream...

My name is Ursula Lattmann. 

I am French and Swiss, and I managed, successfully, for 33 years, a chain of hairdresser salons in Switzerland. 

I had salons in the city of Basel and in its neighborhood, but also in St. Moritz in the Grand Hôtel Suvretta House.

Since my childhood I had one dream : owning a castle. 

And my dream came true in 1993, when I found the ruin of Castle Kervoazec. 

To bring this ruin back to life and to it old beauty, a huge implication and perseverance were necessary. 

Since 2014 I am organizing weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, and also professional events and concerts. 

My creativity as well as my talent for organization are completed by Trainings in the accounting, the marketing, the exploitation of real-estate as well as the diverse lessons that I had in the Beaux-Arts in Mulhouse. 

With this experience, I can be at your disposal with all my knowledge during your ''Once-in-a-lifetime'' adventure in the Castle. 

If you wish I can orchestrate and organize your dream wedding via all the various points: establish the budgeting of the marriage, plan your arrival to the Castle and your return but also occupy me of the flowers, the decoration, music, and do my utmost to realize your craziest wishes!

Up to 50 people can be accommodated in the Castle, in double rooms and/or in a dormitory. 

For the rest of your guests I will find accommodations adapted in the surroundings for them. 

I hope to see you soon in Kervoazec !

Ursula Lattmann